This is a general listing of our main menu options as well as links to other
resources and information contained within the site.
Who we are and how you can reach us.
Includes a link to a directory of researchers at Cornell University working with fungi and traditionally allied organisms.
Background information on the biodiversity project.
A gateway to the three databases housed within the CCFB.

Explains the types of information contained in our biodiversity project specimen pages.
Provides information on how to search our site.
Press related to Cornell fungal biologists
Contains topographic, vegetation, soil, and collection sector
maps of the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve.
Not yet available-- this page will include media recipes,
useful techniques, and other information related to
culturing and maintaining fungi.

Current courses at Cornell related to fungal biology.

We intend to provide a page for teachers seeking
instructional materials/information on fungi.

We will provide a handful of useful outside links.