December 15, 1998: CORNELL NEWS - George Hudler, a Cornell University professor of plant pathology, tells all about it in his new, mycological book, "Magical Mushrooms,Mischievous Molds
March 11, 1998: CORNELL NEWS - A virulent strain of the fungus that caused the Irish Potato Famine is devastating crops in North America, Cornell scientist says
March 5, 1998: CORNELL CHRONICLE - Industry, academics and conservationists 'bioprospect' in nature preserve
March 3, 1998: ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS NETWORK - Hunting for drugs in a N.Y. nature preserve
February 27, 1998: CORNELL NEWS - Fungal formulas: Industry, academics and conservationists team up to hunt for new drugs in a New York nature preserve
August 14, 1997: CORNELL CHRONICLE - Researchers study biological control for wheat crop threat
July 28, 1997: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Wheat scab a threat to New York's winter wheat, Cornell scientists say
If disease can be held at bay, experts forecast excellent wheat yields in the state
July 3, 1997: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - "Plant Pathology: Images From Our Past," a photographic exhibit,
will be Aug. 9-13 in Rochester, N.Y.
November 5, 1996: NEW YORK TIMES - Nearby Woods a Rich Pharmacopeia
October 1, 1996: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Potato late blight fungus brings international scientists
to Cornell Oct. 7-8
October 3, 1996: CORNELL CHRONICLE - Field trip discovery could result in a new source of life-saving drug
September 16, 1996: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Cyclosporin mold's 'sexual state' found in New York forest
Cornell students' discovery could target additional sources of nature-based pharmaceuticals
July 14, 1995 : CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Potato blight is found in New York's southerh tier; crops are at risk, Cornell
scientists report
May 1995: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Biocontrol fungus ready to battle farm flies, Cornell
entomologists say
May 5, 1995: CORNELL EXTENSION NEWS - Late Blight of Potato and Tomato
October 1994: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Extracting enzyme from a fungus could provide a natural pesticide
September 1993: CORNELL SCIENCE NEWS - Strawberry fields forever changed, perhaps, by enzymes that fight mold