Courses Essential to the Fungal Biology Program
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Courses offered by the Plant Pathology Department:

Course Number

Taught by

Course Name

PL PA 201 Hudler Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
PL PA 241 Arneson Plant Diseases and Disease Management
PL PA 309 Aist Introductory Mycology
PL PA 319 Hodge Field Mycology
PL PA 401 Sinclair Introductory Plant Pathology
PL PA 402 Arneson Plant Disease Control
PL PA 411 Hudler Plant Disease Diagnosis
PL PA 443 Hudler Pathology of Trees and Shrubs
PL PA 642 Milgroom Plant Disease Epidemiology
PL PA 648 Collmer, Yoder Molecular Plant Pathology
PL PA 649 Hodge Mycology Conferences
PL PA 650 Lorbeer, Zitter Diseases of Vegetable Crops
PL PA 652 Bergstrom Field Crop Pathology
PL PA 662 Yoder, Collmer, Delaney Molecular Plant-Pathogen Interactions
PL PA 694 Staff Special Topics in Plant Pathology
PL PA 701 Collmer Concepts of Plant Pathology: Organismal Aspects
PL PA 702 Milgroom Concepts of Plant Pathology: Population Aspects
PL PA 709 Lorbeer Phytomycology
PL PA 738 Turgeon, Yoder Genetics and Development of Filamentous Fungi
PL PA 739 Hodge Advanced Mycology

Courses offered by other Departments:
BIO BM 430 Basic Biochemical Methods
BIO BM 438 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
BIO BM 633 Biosynthesis of Macromolecules
BIO BM 636 Cell Biology
BIO BM 639 The Nucleus
BIO GD 481 Population Genetics
BIO PL 652 Plant Molecular Biology II (modules)
BIO PL 654 Botanical Nomenclature

Courses are chosen as appropriate to fit with the individual research/educational program designed by each student and his/her committee.