The maps included on these pages have been synthesized from a number of sources. The boundaries of the Preserve have been defined using a map created by Betsy Darlington of the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

Our map of the topography of the Preserve overlays the boundaries onto a scan of a portion of the United States Geological Survey West Danby Quadrangle (7.5 Minute Series, 1:24000 Scale, Stock #TNY0924).

The soil survey and vegetative cover maps were adapted from "Resource Inventory & Management Options for the Lick Brook and Biodiversity Preserves,"
a presentation to the Land Committee of the Finger Lakes Land Trust, November 3, 1995. This report was the work of Cornell University students in Horticulture 440: Restoration Ecology , under the direction of Dr. Thomas H. Whitlow. Our thanks to Dr. Whitlow for kindly making this resource available for our use.

The Preserve was divided into 43 collecting sectors based on the above information. Each sector was circumscribed using a combination of geographic features, soil types and vegetative cover. Each sector is relatively homogeneous with respect to ecology, and the approximate boundaries can be easily recognized in the field.