Rhytisma americanum Hudler and Banik
Ascomycota: Ascomycetes: Rhytismatales: Rhytismataceae

Specimen Code: LP98-000093; Determined By: G.T. Hill; Plate: no; Slant: no; -80° C Freezer: no; Herbarium: CCFB; d H2O: no; Collected By: K.E. Loeffler; Date(s) Collected: 2 Oct 1998; Soil type: Hc; Source: leaves of Acer rubrum; Locality Code: Sector 5; Locality Name: Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve; Township: West Danby, Tompkins Co.; State: NY; Elevation: 930 ft.-950 ft.; Loc Latitude: 42°18'55"N; Loc Longitude: 76°31'8"W

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