B. Gillian Turgeon

Associate Professor
Cornell University
Department of Plant Pathology
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 254-7458 (voice)
(607) 255-4471 (Fax)


Ph. D. University of Dayton & C.F. Kettering Research Institute Yellow Springs, OH., 1982
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 1971
A.B. / B.S.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada , 1969


Professional Experience

Division of Effort

Research - 70%, Teaching - 30%

Research Interests

I have two major research interests in the field of fungal biology- pathogenicity and mating (reproduction). Both are complex developmental processes requiring co-ordinated regulation of large numbers of genes and both involve communication via signal transduction pathways. For pathogenicity, the communication is between different organisms- the fungus and its host. For mating, communication is between individuals of the same organism. The long range goals of my research program are to understand how fungi sense signals and respond to them, and to identify sets of genes (and the functions of their products) that are required for reproduction (both sexual and asexual) and pathogenicity. I have pursued these goals with: (1) a genetically well developed fungus whose features are appropriate for the questions being asked, and (2) the most advanced genetic technology available to dissect developmental pathways. The model fungus belongs to the genus Cochliobolus; the technologies center on functional genomics. The aim is to acquire as much sequence information as possible and to perform functional tests (such as gene deletion) coupled to appropriate assays for phenotype to prove or disprove the role of a particular gene product in the developmental process of interest.


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Publications (10 years)

Yun, S.H., M.L. Berbee, O.C. Yoder and B.G. Turgeon. The fungal self-fertile reproductive life style evolves from self-sterile ancestors. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.
In press
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